If it’s here, it’s for sale!

Over the past couple of months I’ve been busy trying to make a few extra dollars selling off parts of the house on Gumtree – with a fair bit of success! The sale prices haven’t been high, but they’re better than nothing – and it makes us feel slightly less wasteful knowing the items are being reused rather than ending up as landfill. Here are just a few of the things that have been sold so far…

Our kitchen – $3,500

It’s off to a newly-built house on Macleay Island. We sold it a few months back, and the couple who bought it were lovely. They – and their mates – did a fantastic job getting it out. All the stone came out in once piece, the cabinetry was fine, the splashback didn’t break…far smoother than I imagined. Here are some before / during demolishing pics…

How it looked before…
…And here’s what it’s like when pulled apart…


The sink and bench top waiting to be loaded on to their truck

The guys hard at work removing the oven and cabinetry

Privacy screens – $400

We had four panels – two at the front and two at the rear. Removing them has made our deck incredibly unsafe, especially with two small kids in the house. However, we’re being careful and we’ll be out of the house in a couple of weeks.


Cast iron bath – $100

Seems every un-renovated / partially-renovated old house has one of these in their backyard. We sold ours to a guy who’s planning to restore it and put it in his Red Hill home.

The bath – where she’s stood neglected for the past decades…


Front stairs, balustrades and verandah sweeps – $280

I’d originally put a far higher asking price on these, but with little interest I soon dropped the price. A couple from the Sunshine Coast bought these and they’ll dismantle them and pick them up the weekend after we leave the house.

img-20160430-wa0002.jpg   img-20160430-wa0003.jpgimg-20160430-wa0009.jpg

Internal doors – $100

These sold today to a couple who are renovating a Queenslander in Wynnum – they’ll pick them up next weekend.

20160510_090456.jpg   20160522_170721_resized

Decking – $950

A couple from Mt Tambourine are doing up their cottage as sustainably as possible, and our decking will be used to create a lovely outdoor area for them. Here’s our Gumtree buyer in the middle of a hard day’s work ripping it out. Three days later, front and back decking was gone.


Hills Hoist – $0

This is a genuine old-school branded Hills Hoist, but it’s seriously huge, doesn’t turn, and doesn’t raise/lower as it’s not in the greatest of conditions. We wanted it gone though to bring our demolition costs down, and a nice young guy picked it up yesterday for his rental property in The Gap. Unbelievably his landlord refused to let him install a modern washing line as it was ‘out of keeping with the character home’. So instead he’s got our massive and quite broken hills hoist to put up…


Sliding privacy screen – $100

These were taken today by a family from Samford wanting to create a screen for their water tank. They weren’t interested in the sliding mechanism – only the wooden screens. We almost didn’t sell these – they came yesterday to pick them up, but had a huge amount of trouble getting them out as all the galvanised screws were so tight. I gave them their money back, but then today when the kitchen guys came over to load their dismantled parts on to their truck, they needed to get the screens down to make it easier to fit through. Thankfully they came equipped with the right tools, took the screens down, and the family wanting them to cover their water tanks came back this afternoon and carted them off.

Car port – $100

20160410_082117_resizedAnd…I have no idea who this went to! I was so busy selling numerous other things that day, I think I barely spoke to the chap who purchased this. Anyway, I’m sure it went to a good home 🙂




What else have we sold? 

We’ve sold our water tank to a farmer from Stanthorpe for $100, our rear deck roofing flyover for $200, and a huge number of bits and bobs around the house we no longer want.

What hasn’t sold?

We’ve had such a good run with Gumtree, but there have been a few things that haven’t yet sold (fingers crossed they do…there’s still time!) including our front door, a cement trough in the backyard, an outdoor dunny, a vintage ladder, a huge King Orchid and our camellia trees.


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