Signed, sealed….and a year away from delivery!

Contract signed for the renovation of our Queenslander
Our renovation contract!

After two years of planning and a whole lot of faffing, we finally signed a build contract! We’re delighted to have Matt Henderson (MWH Constructions) as our builder and we think he’ll do a marvellous job. Well, he’d better, anyway!

Matt comes with some fantastic referrals, great experience, and is well versed in traditional Queenslander architecture. We’re looking forward to seeing how the next year plays out and have our fingers and toes crossed that it all goes smoothly.

Our contract states an estimated build time of 240 working days – which is a year – but on top of that, we’ve had to make a provision for an additional 30 rain days and three weeks’ holiday over Christmas. So, who knows if we’ll actually be in within a year…but given the apartment lease we’ve taken out only runs for 12 months, I’m hoping that’s all the guys will need.

The actual contract signing ended up taking two hours. I’d thought it’d be a 10 min job, but going through line by line was both completely necessary and very time consuming. Anyway, it’s done and I feel great about it.

Now we just need to finalise our finance arrangements (for which we needed a signed contract), and we need to get our Building Approval (BA). Then it’s all systems go!

In order to get the BA we needed to submit a huge number of things to our certifier. We’re using Chris Easton from Cornerstone Building Certification. I’ve given him all the plans, engineering forms and the energy certificate,  and yesterday I also paid our Q-Leave payment (long-service leave for the building industry) and got that receipt over to him. Now we’re just waiting on our relaxation to come through from Council before we can get that BA application in. We needed a relaxation because our butterfly front stairs will be closer to the front boundary than is permissible. It won’t be a problem getting that approval through, but it’s annoying as it was another $750 or so to lodge that paperwork.

Anyway, getting there! And with a signed contract in our hands this project to renovate our Queenslander is definitely starting to seem real. Not totally real, but slightly less of a pipedream than it has been for the past two years…



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