And so it begins!

After a very intense Friday to Sunday moving into a small two-bedroom townhouse, work finally kicked off at 7am this morning with the River City Asbestos crew taking over the site.

Final family pic pre-reno (and before the front shrubs were attacked with a chainsaw). Excuse the lumberjack attire…

Our move went super smoothly, thankfully. Both sets of parents were utterly amazing assisting with childcare and meal provision, and my parents spent hours helping us clear the house, store our (ridiculous amount of) stuff, and chainsaw the garden to bits.

We got a couple of men and a van off Gumtree to help on moving day (Friday) – the best $315 spent, ever. The townhouse we’ve moved to is just 1.5km away so it’s super convenient for popping back and checking on the build progress. It’s a very basic little home, but compared to the half-house we’ve been living in for the past few weeks, it’s positively luxurious. It even has an actual working kitchen!

By the time we finally finished clearing up at the ‘old’ house late yesterday, the place looked like a bomb had hit it. Trees and foliage absolutely everywhere!

Clearing out the house before renovating our Queenslander
The back of our house, the weekend of the final clear-out

Our neighbours have been fab and one set have even stored our two ladders and two lawnmowers (why do we even have two?! Not sure how that happened…). It’s going to be a noisy year ahead for them all, so we’re grateful for their understanding, tolerance and sheer enthusiasm for our project.

Asbestos removal for Queenslander renovation
Asbestos removal kicks off!

The asbestos crew were onsite this morning an hour earlier than planned – what an efficient bunch. I have to say it was incredibly exciting seeing their red hazard tape strung up across the front of our property…FINALLY it feels like something is actually happening – hooray!




Backyard pano…

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