Finance approved – finally :-)

We’ve been in a bit of a holding pattern over the past fortnight, waiting for our finance to be approved so that we can officially start the bulk of the build. Just this morning we received the bank’s green light and we can finally get this show on the road!

We organised the asbestos removal ourselves, which is why that’s been done, but all of our building work through MWH Constructions couldn’t start until the official financing documentation was sorted. Now that’s all done, it’ll take Matt a week and a half or so to book his demolition crew to start, but at least all the ducks are in a row and the magic can now happen.

The asbestos removal went without a hitch – though the place looks an absolute mess at the moment. I drove by this morning – there are trees down everywhere, the decking, stairs, sweeps and battens have all gone (thank you Gumtree), and of course the asbestos cladding is down. All up the asbestos removal cost $5,500 – probably a pretty average sort of price. There wasn’t a huge amount to remove, but the awnings at the front and around the sides required scaffolding which beefed up the prices.

External view of the bathroom and laundry – naked sans their asbestos cladding
Our Gumtree buyer hard at work ripping up the front decking. Slightly perilous given the lack of stairs, handrails or any safety whatsoever…those elements had already been sold to other Gumtree purchasers!

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