Demolition kicks off – this reno’s for reals!

It’s actually, actually started – like, properly started. With an actual temporary fence! With workmen who wear high vis! With MWH hoarding plastered all over the outside! With utes parked in the driveway! Seriously. If I thought there was no turning back when our kitchen was sold on Gumtree, there’s definitely no turning back now. So freaking exciting.


See ya later front deck and living room

Having said that, I do look at my house and there’s a definite part of me that feels like vomiting…or perhaps crying. Our biggest asset is being progressively (and alarmingly quickly!) reduced to a pile of rubble. My poor living room is smashed to bits, and I know that tomorrow even less of the house will remain. Still, I have to keep reminding myself that that former living room is going to be reincarnated as a magnificent kitchen…and it’s never going to become a magnificent kitchen without complete obliteration.

The 1960s weren’t kind to our Queenslander. They brought ugly plasterboard walls (that were now starting to crack), terrazzo flooring, toxic asbestos fibro cladding, aqua tiles, and a whole host of tasteless additions. This week sees us bid good riddance to the lot of it – and with that, the reality that we’re finally going to be able to create our dream home (or rather, MWH Constructions is. But let’s not get into the technicalities!).

This Queenslander renovation is finally on its way!

Bird’s eye view!
The back of the house…
Another shot of the back…

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