Clearing, clearing, gone…

Well, if there wasn’t much left of the house this time last week, there’s even less now – and the garden’s totally gone too. It’s looking great (and by great I mean bare, clear and ready to roll!).

The diggers have been in this week removing the huge piles of chainsawed trees that we left behind – as well as everything we never bothered to chop down. I was gutted to see our fabulous Camellia trees go (we chopped them down and the guys cleared the debris), but sadly they’d have been totally in the way and could never have stayed. I was also super sad that our gorgeous frangipani tree was a casualty of this renovation. It was really old, really beautiful and framed our rear deck perfectly. It carpeted our lawn in pretty white flowers all summer and I absolutely loved it. Here’s a pic of it – and the lovely King Orchids that grew on it.

Our Queenslander backyard pre-renovation
Our backyard pre-renovation (Photo credit: Ray White Ascot)
Photo credit: Ray White Ascot
Another shot of our Queenslander backyard, pre-renovation
Another shot of our backyard pre-renovation (Photo credit: Ray White Ascot)

I’d been adamant since we decided to do this renovation that I wanted to keep our huge clumps of agapanthus (you can see them in the first backyard pic – there’s a big grouping under the frangipani tree, and we also had them all the way down the side). They’re another classic plant and would’ve looked beautiful along the front fence line. Even better, they’re so hardy that we could’ve easily dumped them in a corner and they’d have happily rested there until we were ready for them. Unbelievably though, I completely forgot to save them :-(. It wasn’t until my mother-in-law saw a picture of our cleared backyard and asked what I’d done with them that I remembered…whoops. They’re well and truly gone so now I’ll have to resign myself to buying some when we’re ready – so galling!!

Our backyard now feels hugely exposed – which is ironic given one of the reasons we chose to renovate rather than buy elsewhere was the fact that it felt very private. We need a decent back fence stat, and some good landscaping.

Next week it’s house raise time!! It’s a milestone we’ve been waiting for FOREVER and we can’t wait to see it up (and we’re hoping it doesn’t look too ridiculous raised higher than it is currently…).




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