Up, up and away

It’s been another pretty exciting week in the life of our little Queenslander, and she’s now proudly standing a metre higher than she’s ever stood before. After delays with Energex that stalled work for a week, we’re back up and running, and pushing on full steam ahead.

Stacks under in preparation for our house raising.
Stacks under in preparation for our house raising.

We’d all been hopeful the house raise would happen the week before last, but some unforeseen issues with our power meant it was a quiet few days on site. The electricity needed to be moved from our house to the temporary power pole…not a difficult job, but one that had to be done by Energex. It was out of our hands so all we could do was cross our fingers and wait. It eventually got done early last Wednesday morning, and the raise got underway immediately after.

The guys had been super efficient and fully prepped the site in anticipation of the power being sorted. They’d spent a few days getting the stacks set up under the house (those big brown jenga-looking things) to prop it up, and were ready to roll.

It was exciting times watching it go up. On Wednesday it only went up about 5cm – so barely noticeable. Just enough to be raised ever so slightly off its concrete posts. On Thursday I popped over to the house early in the morning and the team was onsite doing their thing – they’d been there since 7am. The house was probably 20cm higher at that stage, and while I’d happily have hung out on the other side of the road watching it creep up to its final resting place, I sadly had to get to work.

Queenslander renovation house raise
Before and after: heading skyward!

I dashed back over at lunchtime (thankfully we’re living only about a minute’s drive away) – the action was over but there she was…looking VERY high. We’re going to get fit walking up the stairs to the front entry… just hoping it doesn’t look weirdly out of proportion! I think, though, it’ll be absolutely fine with some landscaping, and the front butterfly stairs will look amazing when they go in.

I’ve been asked by a few people now whether we only went up by a metre because of Council height restrictions, but actually we’re well clear of the 9m limit. We raised the house mainly to improve our suburban views from what will be the front deck, living room and front bedrooms. We didn’t want to go stupidly high though because the thought of lugging groceries and children up a mammoth flight of internal stairs didn’t fill me with joy. And, of course, aesthetically there comes a point where houses do look a bit ridiculous raised to their maximum limits – they can look a bit gangly and lollipop-like.

Anyway, the raise was done by 12pm Thursday, and right on cue the earthmoving equipment and crew rolled in. Those guys will be around for a while now, clearing, cutting and shaping. So far, so good. We drove by the house today, and already the guys have made progress – some of the original concrete posts have been dug out, and much of the old slab underneath has been cleared. Looking forward to seeing the block take on its final form over the next two to three weeks!


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