Finding her footings

Things are progressing nicely and we’re starting to get a feel for the scale of our house. There’s a fair bit of steel in now supporting the house where the stacks were last week, and there’s also steel in down the side which is a good indicator of how far our living room and kitchen will extend.

Queenslander renovation - house raising Brisbane
Lots of steel support in now! The red arrows are pointing to the steel down the side that will form the edges of living room and kitchen.

There are still a few stacks in supporting the rear deck, but they should be gone by the back end of this coming week.

We’ve been fortunate with the weather so far, and today – Saturday – was no exception. It was a beautiful Brissie winter’s day and it was nice spending half an hour peering through the fences checking out how it all looked, and catching up with one of our long-suffering (but very gracious and understanding) neighbours.

The backyard is looking incredibly high and the cuts they’ve made to create the pad for the bottom level of the house are really steep. I think we’re still a couple of weeks away from the block work going in, and there’s going to be a lot of it when it does.

We’d originally been planning to shift our house by one metre to the left, but we’re glad we haven’t. The house is looking nice and centred on the block, and we’ll have a big patio and side entry area flowing off the lower level rumpus/living area.

Almond travertine tiles for our Queenslander renovation
Almond (aka beige!) travertine tiles

We went to Beaumont Tiles this morning to look at outdoor tile options for the patios and pathways, and absolutely loved the travertine stone ones that come in a pre-cut French pattern. They come in a beige and an ash, and both looked fab. I loved their pock-marked pitted surfaces and uneven colouring. While we’d love to get that all done at the same time as the house, it’s not looking promising from a budget perspective. Might need to play that one by ear – or win lotto. Preferably the latter, though given we don’t enter this could prove challenging 😦

Next week will see more steel in place, including some whopping beams, as well footings underway for the retaining walls. Once all the stacks are removed and the steel’s fully in place, we’re hoping to have a quick  walk through the house – dying to see what our new view will be now that we’re up by a metre. Fingers crossed it’s halfway decent!


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