The slab’s down!

With the waterproofing finally done and the site prepared, the slab is now down. The team was on site at 6.30am (poor neighbours given it’s Saturday today) with all the machinery and trucks, and by the time we popped by the house to take a look at 11am, the bulk of the work was done.

Waterproofed retaining walls Queenslander renovation
Waterproofed retaining walls

Amazingly, despite last night’s pretty heavy rain, the site wasn’t too bad. When we drove up and it all looked pretty quiet, I thought maybe it’d all been turned into a mud bath and that they hadn’t been able to push ahead with the slab. Thankfully it was all done though and looking really good. 

Cement truck ready to pour concrete for our house foundations
Cement truck ready for action (the neighbours took this pic…not sure what time it was but I’m sure it was annoyingly early for a Saturday morning!)
Concrete going in for the foundations of our Queenslander renovation
Concrete going in and the guys hard at work (and credit to our neighbours for the action shot!)
 Foundations laid, slab down  - Queenlsander renovation
Foundations laid, slab down!

The engineers inspected the site yesterday to ensure the slab footings and prep was done according to plan, and all was fine on that front. The guys will now spend this afternoon finessing the concrete so that it’s smooth, sorted and ready for the build to properly kick off!

The frame starts next week which is super exciting. It’s going to be great looking at the house next weekend as we should hopefully have some of that frame underway, and the backyard and sides of the garden near the retaining will be flattened. Big changes ahead! 

This week we really need to get our final tile orders through (I have been absolutely hopeless at deciding on tiles – every time I think I’ve decided, I go and change my mind), and I need to start thinking about our tapware orders too. I’m unsure whether to go for Astra Walker, Brodware or Phoenix – they all do a nice classic style (I.e. 0ld school!) range which would suit our house. I don’t think I can go past Perrin and Rowe for the kitchen tapware though – definitely an extravagance but sooo beautiful!


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