Upper level framing gets underway, lacework discussions and lighting choices

After a week and a bit where not many visible changes took place, it was good to drive by on Friday and find that the upper level framing was well underway. I actually hadn’t expected it, so it was a nice surprise.

Upper level framing underway
Upper level framing underway

The past couple of weeks didn’t see a massive amount of change at the house due to a combination of rain (and the subsequent muddy mess it left in its wake), and the fact that the guys were busy fixing some of the bearers and joists that had been underneath the old rear deck, and some of the other existing flooring. Turns out it was all a bit warped, so needed some attention. Anyway, I’m not sure if it’s all fixed now but am definitely hoping so. 

Upper level framing, seen from the backyard
Upper level framing, seen from the backyard. You can see the holes for the kitchen servery bifold window to the left, and next to it is the 3m bifold door leading on to the deck

Framing for our Queenslander renovation, Brisbane
That’s a whole lotta frame! Up the top, from the front, we’ve got the deck, followed by living room, then kitchen, then rear deck

Framing for Queenslander renovation, Brisbane
Framing showing our double garage at the bottom, and the space above them on the upper level which will be for our bifold doors leading on to the front deck
 One of the highlights of my last week was a super quick visit to see Gary from Chatterton Lacework in Melbourne. I’d been talking to him about the possibility of including lacework on our house for the past year (or maybe two!), and given I was in Melbourne for work last week, I thought I’d swing by their display which is out by Tullamarine Airport. It was brilliant (and mind boggling) seeing all their different types of lacework – and I loved it all.
Verandah bracket for Queenslander renovation
The precious verandah bracket sitting on top of my suitcase on the way to the airport. The backet and I made it to the airport with literally 30 seconds to spare – sooooo stressful!!

We’d planned to just go with lace balustrades along the front verandah + down the butterfly stairs, but had intended to go with wooden decorative verandah brackets, post and column moulds. After seeing the lacework ones though, and seeing how much less maintenance they’d be, how nice they looked and how economical they were (less than $50 each), I think lacework brackets are going to be the way to go. Gary kindly gave me a bracket to take home so we can hold it up on the verandah in a couple of months’ time and make a call based on seeing it in situ. It isn’t every day you come across such awesome customer service and it was hugely appreciated.

We’ve spent a long time over the past couple of year trying to decide where we stood on the subject of lacework…did we love it or did we hate it? For me, it’s always been love. My other half was never sure, but after looking at lots of different examples and seeing some beautiful old Queenslanders featuring lacework, he felt much the same way as me. 

We paid a visit to Milton Lighting yesterday so that Steve could see what he thought of the lights I’d chosen. Such a tough call, but I think we’re fairly close to deciding. The kitchen pendants are still undecided, but I think we’ve reached a consensus on the multi-arm pendants for the two living areas and dining room, and the outdoor lights. Such a minefield – I feel as much pressure choosing the lights as I did the tiles! 

The multi-arm chandelier/pendant we're likely to go with for each of our living rooms and dining room - Queenslander renovation
The multi-arm chandelier/pendant we’re likely to go with for each of our living rooms and dining room

Think we'll need a lot of these lovely brushed nickel outdoor lights - so pretty!
Think we’ll need a lot of these lovely brushed nickel outdoor lights – so pretty! Photo courtesty of Milton Lighting.


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