Starting to look like a house!

This exciting week has seen the removal of our old roof and a load of the nice new trusses secured in place. It’s given our house some real shape and definition, and is finally starting to look like more than just a jumble of wood and steel 🙂

Trusses starting to be fixed into place, the day after they arrived on site - Queenslander renovation
Trusses starting to be fixed into place, the day after they arrived on site

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All ready for the trusses to go up!

There’s been lots of work upstairs this week, with many old internal walls knocked out and new framing sorted. It’s been a hive of activity at our house whenever I’ve stopped past, as the guys get ready for next week’s huge week – truss delivery time!

Front facade ready for trusses - Queenslander renovation and build
Front facade ready for trusses

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Site visit

We hadn’t been out to the house much last week, but compensated on Friday with a very thorough scheduled site visit for a full walk through the house. It’s only the second time I’ve actually been into the upper section of the house since we left and it was a bizarre feeling – super excited about all the changes, but just a teeny (and only a teeny!) bit sad that we’re pulling it to bits.

Pacific Jarrah front deck - Queenslander
Checking out our brand new Pacific Jarrah front deck
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More framing…and farewell to the sleep out

It was a fabulous moment this week when the sleep out / sunroom finally bit the dust. It was an ugly addition to the house, from back in the day when aesthetics were sacrificed for practicality, and enclosing verandahs lent much needed internal space to otherwise tiny workers cottages. 

No more sunroom! Queenslander renovation and demolition
The sunroom’s gone! Watch this space as the front verandah takes shape.

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