More framing…and farewell to the sleep out

It was a fabulous moment this week when the sleep out / sunroom finally bit the dust. It was an ugly addition to the house, from back in the day when aesthetics were sacrificed for practicality, and enclosing verandahs lent much needed internal space to otherwise tiny workers cottages. 

No more sunroom! Queenslander renovation and demolition
The sunroom’s gone! Watch this space as the front verandah takes shape.

I had no idea it was being demolished this week so was super excited when our neighbours sent me a photo at 6.30am on Wednesday showing our house down to its bare bones. Even though we’re only living 1km away, work commitments meant that we weren’t able to pop by until later in the week and it was great hearing that things were really progressing.

With the sunroom gone, it’s now easier to imagine the new French doors and butterfly stairs in place. Until this point, I actually hadn’t realised that our upper and lower-level French doors don’t align. I had a momentary panic, but then realised it’s because the garage cuts so far into the house. It’s always been on our plans but I’d never noticed. Thankfully with the stairs where they’ll be, I don’t think the lack of upper/lower symmetry will be too much of an issue.

The sunroom was a great additional storage space for us while we lived there. It housed copious amounts of junk – everything from old, broken suitcases, to Christmas trees (yes, plural…) and a gazillion golf balls. Much of that stuff was sold on Gumtree before we moved, and I think that once we move back in, our useless rubbish can be relegated to the garage. 

Upper level framing is coming along well. The guys have basically rebuilt the floor and frame for the bathroom (out the back to the RH side) because it was all rotten through. They’re also, unfortunately, going to need to rebuild the old front verandah as well as it turns out that’s rotten too. 

We’ve been told we need to order our tapware ASAP. I’ve been really undecided about what to go for, as I like the look of the Astra Walker Neu England, Phoenix Nostalgia and Brodware Winslow Lever ranges. Warranties will probably play a huge role in my decision, and Brodware’s hugely impressive 20 year warranty may just seal the deal. 

Brodware taps - Queenslander renovation
I think these taps from Brodware’s Winslow lever range will be the winners – though unsure whether to go for chrome or porcelain levers…decisions, decisions. Photo from Brodware’s website.

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