All ready for the trusses to go up!

There’s been lots of work upstairs this week, with many old internal walls knocked out and new framing sorted. It’s been a hive of activity at our house whenever I’ve stopped past, as the guys get ready for next week’s huge week – truss delivery time!

Front facade ready for trusses - Queenslander renovation and build
Front facade ready for trusses

There is so little of our original house left now. Our old kitchen and bedroom external walls have been demolished and framed, ready for their new walls/windows. New studs and door frames have been built at the front of the house up the top (you can see them working on it in the photo above), and various other old internal walls have now bitten the dust.

We are double skinning all the walls for better sound protection and insulation – a big job, but I think it’ll be worth it. It’ll also give a far better result with the electrical work so that we don’t have massive power sockets poking out of the walls, which is what we used to have.

The back deck is now laid and it looks fab – we’re really pleased we chose the wider decking boards. It’s great being able to stand on both the decks now – big difference to a fortnight ago when the house felt like it was full of places we could fall through!

Here are three shots of the back, showing the new decking:

To say we’re excited about the next couple of weeks is an understatement. The trusses arrive on Monday, and the cranes will start lifting them into place on Tuesday. From there, the guys will spend a week or so fixing the trusses, then another week sheeting them. Then – we’ll have an actual, proper roof!

I need to make a decision about skylights ASAP this week – I wish we’d put a couple of Velux skylights into our contract, but in the interests of keeping variations to a minimum, we may need to just go for bog standard skylights 😦 . We are waiting for a variation quote to do just one Velux (in the kitchen area), and we’ll see how it shapes up.

I also need to finalise the roof gable, and start picking out the breezeways (the laser cut decorative pieces that sit above the internal doorways), ceiling roses, verandah brackets and archways. I’m using the verandah balustrade lacework as the guide for my decisions, given that is the least flexible element design-wise. We are still unsure about lace vs timber for the brackets – I think we may be leaning back towards timber for those. Time will tell!

Here are some of the elements I’m considering. The patterns are all different, but they’re similar enough – I’m sure no one will ever notice they don’t quite match!

Colonial / heritage detailing for Queenslander renovation
Colonial / heritage detailing for our Queenslander renovation – from top right we have: cast aluminium balustrades, laser cut gable for the front of the house, breezeways for above the internal doors, and the ceiling roses for the dining and living rooms. In the middle is a possible contender for our verandah brackets.

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