Electrical, plumbing, painting – it’s all happening!

From the front, our house hasn’t changed all that much this week. The sweeps now go right the way across but other than that not much else. Out the back and inside, though, it’s another story. Our house has been a hive of activity this week, with loads of people on site to crack on with various other aspects of the build.

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We’ve made it to the halfway point!

It’s been a nerve-wracking and daunting five months, but more than anything, it’s been so exciting. Every week we’ve seen fundamental shifts (at times, quite literally!) in the appearance of our house and it really feels like the dream is becoming a reality. It’s been a hectic time, particularly juggling the house, work, kids and study, but so far it’s been worth it. Our build team has been incredibly efficient and we’re so happy with the progress that’s been made. And, while it’s been stressful at times due to the enormity and costliness of the project, it’s easy to see how horrendous the process could have been had we chosen a less efficient and dedicated builder.

Queenslander renovation half-way point!
We’ve reached the halfway point!

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Doors, windows, cladding and more

It’s been another huuuge week of improvements for our little cottage (which is now starting to look rather sizeable…). A big team has been on site this week, and it shows. It’s been a super exciting time, with new milestones reached almost daily.

Big strides this week! Roof, doors, windows and half the external cladding! Queenslander renovation
Big strides this week! Roof, doors, windows and half the external cladding!

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Well hello, lovely roof!

This past week has marked a huge milestone for us – our house has a roof! It’s a super shiny, new zincalume beauty, and finally, we are able to see the very defined shape of our house – hooray! We even have the gable in place – and a fabulous little finial (that decorative spike at the top) – love it!

Queenslander with new roof - Brisbane renovation
New roof = box ticked!

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