Well hello, lovely roof!

This past week has marked a huge milestone for us – our house has a roof! It’s a super shiny, new zincalume beauty, and finally, we are able to see the very defined shape of our house – hooray! We even have the gable in place – and a fabulous little finial (that decorative spike at the top) – love it!

Queenslander with new roof - Brisbane renovation
New roof = box ticked!

Given we previously had an incredibly old, rust-covered monstrosity – which leaked in ever-increasing places whenever it rained – this feels like such a massive step forward. It’s almost the first, completed tangible house improvement of the entire build process. Up until now there’s obviously been loads of demolition, extensive earthworks, a house raise, steel, framing…but this is feels like the first complete ‘unit’ within our build and it’s brilliant to see. 

Queenslander with new rear roof - Brisbane renovation
A view of the new roof from the backyard
Queenslander streetscape - Brisbane renovation

Unfortunately Tuesday was rained out for the roofers, but we’ve had absolutely loads of people on site this week and our builder’s team was still hard at work on other aspects of the project on Tues despite the early morning downpours.

There’s been a lot more internal framing that’s happened this week. I had a quick walk through on Thursday, which was great. It was an unscheduled visit, but I really appreciated Matt – our builder – spending 20 mins or so taking me through the latest developments. 

Kitchen starting to take shape - Queenslander renovation
Kitchen starting to take shape!
Queenslander front verandah with new roof in place
New roof over the front verandah

After a massive amount of indecisiveness on my part, we’ve decided to can one of our three skylights. We have one going into the ensuite and another into the back end of our entry corridor, but, in addition to those, we were meant to also get one in our kitchen. I’m not sure it’s the right decision, but we’re losing the one in the kitchen. It’ll look better without it, but the aesthetic improvement will come at the expense of additional natural light…something that doesn’t sit particularly easily with me. But, if worst comes to worse and it does turn out to be too dark and dingy, we’ll get it put in retrospectively. Matt’s team spent a while framing it up, so it’s a real pity to waste that work, but at least if we do get one put in later, the roof will have been framed with a skylight in mind. And, we save the $1,400 skylight cost upfront which is a definite bonus.

Also this week, I met with a landscape architect. I’m keen to engage someone pretty quickly as we really need to get the wheels in motion in relation to our screening trees up the back. Really want to get some solid growth happening while the weather is nice and hot over summer. 

We’d hoped the doors and windows would go in last week, but because the roof wasn’t quite on, it wasn’t safe to install them as they could’ve been damaged by falling metal. Anyway, hopefully they’ll go in this coming week – absolutely can’t wait to see them in place. 


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