Electrical, plumbing, painting – it’s all happening!

From the front, our house hasn’t changed all that much this week. The sweeps now go right the way across but other than that not much else. Out the back and inside, though, it’s another story. Our house has been a hive of activity this week, with loads of people on site to crack on with various other aspects of the build.

We’ve had a good-sized electrical team sorting out the wiring, and there are now wires and cables spewing out from every direction! We made a number of last minute changes to the electrical scope in the past week, the net result of which is a fairly substantial hike in price – above what was allowed for in our contract. It just didn’t make sense not to put in the extra light fittings and power points while all the wiring was being done, and a large portion of the costs could be attributed to the fact we’re now installing hard-wired smoke alarms in each of the six bedrooms, plus in the hallways etc. The new laws that are likely to come into play will mean that’ll need to be done later down the track anyway, so again, it made sense to sort it out now. 

Poor photo, but am loving the VJ boards that have now gone up to line the section of deck where the BBQ, fridge and outdoor bench-top will go!
Poor photo, but am loving the VJ boards that have now gone up to line the section of deck where the BBQ, fridge and outdoor bench-top will go!
Backyard shot! The chamferboard cladding's now up on this side of the house and it's looking great.
Backyard shot! The chamferboard cladding’s now up on this side of the house and it’s looking great.

I hadn’t really realised I was stressed about the project and all these additional costs coming in (the extra costs are practically a weekly occurrence), until I burst into tears randomly on Thursday and felt totally overwhelmed by it all. A lot of my stress is probably primarily to do with the fact I’m the sole point of contact for everything project-related. Everything is funnelled through me, and managing the kids + day job, while keeping on top of the build, is possibly making me lose the plot a bit.

On Thursday, I think the catalyst for the tears was hearing that we now needed to pay for a bottom rail for our front verandah and stairs. It’s in our contract that we supply the lace, and our build team would fit it. Turns out now, though, that because lacework needs a bottom rail we are up for an additional cost as a bottom rail wasn’t specified in the contract. Seriously, it’s a minefield. 

Several weeks ago we changed our minds about the ceilings and decided to do VJs rather than plasterboard. They’ll look amazing and I’m so glad we made that change. Today though, I found out about an additional cost that we’ll need to pay for cornices. Because the cornices need to go up on the VJs rather than plasterboard, there’s more labour involved. Obviously the ceiling change is our decision so that cost is fair, but it does all feel unrelenting at the moment. Thankfully I was less emotionally volatile today and was able to process the news about the extra cost without dissolving into tears. #winning.

The flip side to these extra costs is that Matt has been great at throwing a few extra things in. He’s run hot and cold water out to the back deck because he knew I’d been toying with the possibility of popping a washing machine out there. And our front verandah belt rails were put up free of charge. Stuff like that has been really good to counter the other charges.

Front view - can't wait til those sweeps are cut! Queenslander renovation
Front view – can’t wait til those sweeps are cut!

Our painter, Thomas from Decotexture, started on site on Wednesday. He’s been busying filling holes and gaps, but the pressure’s really on to ensure all the high areas of the house are painted before the scaffold comes down in 1.5 weeks. He’s confident it’ll be fine, but having seen the weather report for next week, I’m a bit worried! There’s a fair bit of rain forecast….

We signed off on our cabinetry this week and it’s looking absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to see the kitchen and alfresco built in entertaining area. I look at the plans and literally can’t believe it’s going to be ours! I still need to choose the stone, but I think I’ve narrowed it down now.

Despite this week’s emotions, I’m still so happy with it all. When I was over at the house this morning, it looked fabulous – just cannot wait to be in!


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