So much happening, and so quickly!

This has been a bit of a ‘wow’ week. Although most weeks have had their ‘wow’ moments, it’s seemed that this one has had more than its fair share. Nearly every day, more awesomeness has taken shape, and when I poked my head in earlier today I was amazed by the amount that had been done since I saw it only two days earlier. 

Sweeps! They add so much character to a typical Queenslander's exterior
Sweeps! They add so much character to a typical Queenslander’s exterior

The sweeps have now been cut into their perfect graceful arches. I’m so glad I took Matt, our builder’s, advice on the gradient of the curve. I’d thought they should be deeper, and that the shallow gradient would be barely noticeable. I was totally wrong, and they’re spot on. Now, if only they were white and not their temporary pink colour, I’d be truly happy! πŸ™‚

The decorative laser-cut gable is now in place and looks great. 

Gable now up
Gable now up. Photo credit: Matt Henderson

The final small sections of external cladding are now complete, and the guys have moved ridiculously fast on the internal sheeting. The living room and kitchen walls and ceilings are clad with VJ sheeting, and I love it so much. The VJ ceilings were a last minute change for us – they were, according to our agreed contract, meant to be gyprock throughout. I think I’d always have regretted not going for the VJs though, so I’m glad I raised that when I did. Matt’s been incredibly accommodating with this pretty significant change, particularly given it meant a few extra days mucking around with the trusses, and trying to save the original VJ ceilings over the old part of the house. That’s been successfully done, and the new sections will have VJ panels 06to marry in with the old. 

Looking out from the 'kitchen' to the rear deck
Looking out from the kitchen to the rear deck – and what will be the built-in outdoor kitchen on the right.
So much VJ panelling! Love it, love it, love it!
So much VJ panelling! Love it, love it, love it!
Kitchen looking through to the living room - Queenslander
Kitchen looking through to the living room

The plasterboard guys have been on site in force over the past couple of days too, sheeting the garage, laundry and storage room. What a difference wall linings made…all of a sudden, it all feels immensely liveable!

Painting is progressing well. All the high sections (requiring the scaffold) have been done, and they’re starting to move on to the lower areas. I did have a slightly heart stopping moment the other day when I thought it was undercoat I was looking at, but was told it was my top coat. It looked white, not grey, and I freaked out that there wouldn’t be enough contrast. Now I’m just telling myself it’s ‘subtle’. I’m feeling ok about it now, but hopefully I’m still ok with it once it’s done!

Pale grey Queenslander house
Pale grey…hmmm…too pale?!

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