Frills and flounces

Now we’re starting to come to the fun stuff! When I first briefed this project into both our designer and our builder, the mandate was for a grand Queenslander that was super pretty and frilly, filled to the brim with colonial details and loveliness. We’re just starting to see that side of things come to life and it is very exciting indeed. 

Queenslander renovation - now with verandah brackets
Now with verandah brackets and post moulds!

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Hello 2017…the year of the reno completion!

After a break that was shorter than we anticipated, the guys were back on site in full force last Monday. Before Christmas they managed to get all the blackbutt flooring laid throughout. This week has been all about architraves and skirting, archways and breezeways, and starting to sort out the internal stairwell. 

Entry hallway - Queenslander renovation
Entry hallway – now sporting lovely new arches!
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