Frills and flounces

Now we’re starting to come to the fun stuff! When I first briefed this project into both our designer and our builder, the mandate was for a grand Queenslander that was super pretty and frilly, filled to the brim with colonial details and loveliness. We’re just starting to see that side of things come to life and it is very exciting indeed. 

Queenslander renovation - now with verandah brackets
Now with verandah brackets and post moulds!

The frills have started to take shape both internally and externally. Outside, we’ve got the verandah brackets on all the way around (including around the rear deck), as well as the column mould details for added interest. 

Inside, the architraves are done, and skirting is well on its way, and our archways have all been beefed up with additional detailing. It all looks great! 

Traditional ornate Queenslander archways now in place
Traditional ornate Queenslander archways now in place

Next week will be more of the same sort of thing, with them moving on to the cornices. We’ve also got some ceiling roses ready for installation. All that’ll really start to finish the rooms off beautifully, and they’ll then be ready for their undercoat. 

Our cabinetry is all booked for instalation first week of Feb, which will be our next big exciting moment! Can’t wait πŸ™‚


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