And the frills continue…but sadly no sign of cabinetry

Over the last fortnight most of the decorative internal elements have been completed, but the big hold up on our project at the moment is cabinetry. We’ve organised the cabinetry ourselves, separate to our building contract, and while I have no doubt it’ll be amazing once it’s in, we’re playing a bit of a waiting game – and I hate waiting! 

Ceiling rose and archway - done!
Ceiling rose and archway – done!

We’d been hoping all the cabinetry, particularly the bathroom vanities, would be installed this coming week. Sadly, though, it’s just not going to happen. Apparently there’s a hold up with the 2-packer, but that delay has now had a run on effect with our tiling – so it’s very frustrating. Our builder, though understandably annoyed at having his schedules put out by this ambiguity, has been pretty patient with us as we sit tight and wait for the cabinetry to magically appear.

Aside from the lack of cabinetry, the rest of the house is looking great. The archways are done, the ceiling roses are in, the cornices are finished – all good. Looking at the picture rails (the horizontal decorative bar of wood that’s under the cornice) the other day I did have a slightly horrified moment when I thought they were way too low…I still think that, but I’m basically just trying not to think about it.

The hallway - looking towards the front door
The hallway – looking towards the front door
Hallway corridor with decorative archways - Queenslander
The hallway with its lovely Queenslander archways
Decorative archways in our Queenslander
Decorative archways in our Queenslander – love these traditional features!

I picked up a sample door handle this week from Paddington Hardware, which I love, and I’ve now placed an order for 10.  I’d originally ordered a gorgeous brass one from a foundry in the UK – it was a lovely art deco one with a big decorative back plate. Sadly though, when we tried it out at the house, the backplate was really too big for our style of internal doors. This one I’ve now got from Paddington Hardware still has a backplate, but it’s much shorter and will work far better.

This week we’ve got a few things happening. The biggest thing will be the internal painting! Our house is finally going to receive its first spray of white undercoat, which will make SUCH a difference. The painter is also hoping to have the first of the top coats sprayed this week too – so exciting!

We got quotes back from a couple of fencers late last week, so we need to make a call on who we’re going with, and quickly sign them up to get moving. We’re also waiting to hear back with final costs from our builder on our front wall / retaining / pathways. If all that looks ok it’d be good to get moving on that too. Until that’s sorted, we can’t get our front butterfly stairs in. 


2 thoughts on “And the frills continue…but sadly no sign of cabinetry

  1. Fiona

    Hey, from the photos I think the picture rails look a good height from the floor, but maybe your eye is tricked by the distance down from the ceiling, which can be explained by the high ceilings?


    1. Sadly I don’t think so…the picture rails should be way closer to the ceiling. I reckon they’re twice as far down as they should be! I actually lost sleep over it last night so need to forget about it and move on! 😞 xx


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