Internal painting looking AMAZING, front yard retaining underway and it’s coming together beautifully!

Now that all the beautiful detailing inside is complete (apart from the internal stairs, which will come next week), the big news is that the first two coats of paint have totally transformed the house and I’m delighted with the colour I chose. Big box ticked! 

Queenslander living room build
Living room looking great with its coat of paint

We ended up going with Dieskau (half strength) and Lexicon (quarter strength). As hoped, it’s a slightly impure, dirty shade of grey and, offset with the stark white trims, looks fabulous. The painting has really brought all of our wonderful colonial details to the fore. Where it was a bit of a higgledy piggledy mismatch of colours and woods a couple of weeks ago, the painting has tied it all together and I honestly couldn’t be happier. I’m even totally fine now with the height of the picture rails, and seeing them in their lovely white gloss against the grey makes them look so elegant.

Queenslander bedroom door details! The next coat of paint will neaten up the messy edges.
Bedroom door details! The next coat of paint will neaten up the messy edges. This will be the girls’ room – yep they’re sharing despite plenty of rooms to go around…
Queenslander living room - just waiting for the custom TV cabinetry to go in between the windows.
The living room – just waiting for the custom TV cabinetry to go in between the windows.

Our ceiling roses also look great. I’d been worried when I’d noticed that our builders had nailed them to the ceiling before I’d had a chance to get the painter to pop some black paint under them (to give the perception that they went up into the roof void). However, Matt (our builder)’s workaround was to get the painter to spray the whole thing black then coat over the top in white – which has turned out really well. We have four roses in total – two large in the living/dining areas, and two smaller ones in the corridor.

Queenslander living room ceiling rose!
Living room ceiling rose!

There are still additional coats needed on the paint job, which will happen over the coming few weeks, but we’re so pleased with how it’s all looking right now.

We finally approved our front retaining wall job, which includes fencing on top of the wall, a gatehouse, concrete steps and two concrete pathways either side of the house. The costs are eye watering, but a front wall/gate is a necessity and with a 22m frontage, it was never going to be a cheap process. Matt got the diggers in last week to start on that, and hopefully the footings should be in late next week. Super keen for the front to move quickly, because until we’ve been able to ascertain ground levels with the retaining, our front butterfly stairs can’t be measured and fabricated.

Next week is probably one of the most highly anticipated weeks of the build to date. Our cabinetry is finally being delivered, starting with vanity installations happening Tues. I have everything crossed that it looks as good in real life as it does in my head…

Our cast aluminium balustrades should be arriving for the front verandah on Tuesday too, and hopefully they’ll be installed next week. Getting rid of the temporary safety barriers at the front of the house will make a massive difference to how the house looks, and it’ll meant that our painter can finally start painting some of those front posts and sweeps. Cannot wait.

And of course, the internal stairs go in next week. Super excited about seeing those too! It’s all happening now!!!


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