I’m Bek – a mum to two little girls, wife to a fantastic husband, marketing manager at a global consulting and technology firm, and owner of a house that desperately needs a complete overhaul.image

With no renovating experience but a bucket load of ideas, hopes and dreams, we’re embarking on an ambitious project to bring a new lease of life to our 1920s Queenslander in Brisbane’s inner north.

Once a humble worker’s cottage, the house has been subjected to numerous updates of questionable taste over the past century. Its odd layout, various claddings and differing floor heights will be stripped back – and the house extended and beautified, fit for a family in the 21st century. No longer will she languish with her rotting floors and rusted roof…she’ll be reimagined and restored – and in her newly rebuilt form will be a home to our family for this generation.

Join me on our renovation journey…and let’s hope it’s a smooth ride!


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Rosalind

    Hi bec hope the Reno is progressing! We have just put in wonderfully large windows in our previously enclosed verandah. We don’t know ourselves with more light and beautiful trees. I was thinking of your lacework as we are now thinking fences and there is a bris based company called olcmetaldesign that does what I think you were After eg balustrade and fence

    The contact is ben williams 0403480797

    They have small show room in thorneside and a website!

    Looking forward to your next update


    1. Thanks Ros! I’ll definitely give him a call and see what he can do – and what his prices are like. How exciting about your windows – amazing how much they can transform a place! Reno is going great so far – house is up and the diggers are furiously excavating. Exciting times!


  2. Rosalind

    Hi bek

    I found this on eBay

    Cast iron vintage outdoor setting
    Item no


    Thought it might be like your lace work!

    It’s looking good! Will you be in for Easter?

    Happy new year



    1. Happy new year to you too, Ros! Thanks for the link- looks fab and yep does look pretty similar to our lace! However, given I just bought a fridge and two sofas last week, I’m putting a halt to spending! We are sooo hoping to be in by Easter – keeping everything crossed. How is your reno going??


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