Kitchen, bathrooms, retaining and more

This past week shaped up to be as big a week as promised. Lots achieved, some minor dramas (all now resolved), and a whole lotta loveliness. She’s shaping up well!

Looking out from one of the upper level bedrooms out towards the corridor and stairwell. Queenslander renovation.
Looking out from one of the upper level bedrooms out towards the corridor and stairwell. The paint looks a bit green-tinged in this shot but it’s most definitely not!

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Vanities, internal stairs, balustrades, front wall footings – lots ticked off the ‘to-do list’!

Another week down, another week closer to moving in! Every day has seen the house progress in leaps and bounds. We’re definitely at the fun end of the build now. As exciting as things like insulation and framing are, the pretty stuff wins hands down!

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Internal painting looking AMAZING, front yard retaining underway and it’s coming together beautifully!

Now that all the beautiful detailing inside is complete (apart from the internal stairs, which will come next week), the big news is that the first two coats of paint have totally transformed the house and I’m delighted with the colour I chose. Big box ticked! 

Queenslander living room build
Living room looking great with its coat of paint

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And the frills continue…but sadly no sign of cabinetry

Over the last fortnight most of the decorative internal elements have been completed, but the big hold up on our project at the moment is cabinetry. We’ve organised the cabinetry ourselves, separate to our building contract, and while I have no doubt it’ll be amazing once it’s in, we’re playing a bit of a waiting game – and I hate waiting! 

Ceiling rose and archway - done!
Ceiling rose and archway – done!

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Frills and flounces

Now we’re starting to come to the fun stuff! When I first briefed this project into both our designer and our builder, the mandate was for a grand Queenslander that was super pretty and frilly, filled to the brim with colonial details and loveliness. We’re just starting to see that side of things come to life and it is very exciting indeed. 

Queenslander renovation - now with verandah brackets
Now with verandah brackets and post moulds!

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Hello 2017…the year of the reno completion!

After a break that was shorter than we anticipated, the guys were back on site in full force last Monday. Before Christmas they managed to get all the blackbutt flooring laid throughout. This week has been all about architraves and skirting, archways and breezeways, and starting to sort out the internal stairwell. 

Entry hallway - Queenslander renovation
Entry hallway – now sporting lovely new arches!
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Scaffold down, VJ sheeting complete, floorboards in progress!

We now have an entire house with walls! Beautiful VJ (vertical join) panels have suddenly made the house feel a whole lot more complete, brighter and tidier. And the lovely blackbutt floorboards are well underway, too. 

Master bedroom progressing nicely - Queenslander renovation

Master bedroom progressing nicely

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So much happening, and so quickly!

This has been a bit of a ‘wow’ week. Although most weeks have had their ‘wow’ moments, it’s seemed that this one has had more than its fair share. Nearly every day, more awesomeness has taken shape, and when I poked my head in earlier today I was amazed by the amount that had been done since I saw it only two days earlier. 

Sweeps! They add so much character to a typical Queenslander's exterior
Sweeps! They add so much character to a typical Queenslander’s exterior

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Electrical, plumbing, painting – it’s all happening!

From the front, our house hasn’t changed all that much this week. The sweeps now go right the way across but other than that not much else. Out the back and inside, though, it’s another story. Our house has been a hive of activity this week, with loads of people on site to crack on with various other aspects of the build.

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We’ve made it to the halfway point!

It’s been a nerve-wracking and daunting five months, but more than anything, it’s been so exciting. Every week we’ve seen fundamental shifts (at times, quite literally!) in the appearance of our house and it really feels like the dream is becoming a reality. It’s been a hectic time, particularly juggling the house, work, kids and study, but so far it’s been worth it. Our build team has been incredibly efficient and we’re so happy with the progress that’s been made. And, while it’s been stressful at times due to the enormity and costliness of the project, it’s easy to see how horrendous the process could have been had we chosen a less efficient and dedicated builder.

Queenslander renovation half-way point!
We’ve reached the halfway point!

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