Finding her footings

Things are progressing nicely and we’re starting to get a feel for the scale of our house. There’s a fair bit of steel in now supporting the house where the stacks were last week, and there’s also steel in down the side which is a good indicator of how far our living room and kitchen will extend.

Queenslander renovation - house raising Brisbane
Lots of steel support in now! The red arrows are pointing to the steel down the side that will form the edges of living room and kitchen.

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Up, up and away

It’s been another pretty exciting week in the life of our little Queenslander, and she’s now proudly standing a metre higher than she’s ever stood before. After delays with Energex that stalled work for a week, we’re back up and running, and pushing on full steam ahead.

Stacks under in preparation for our house raising.
Stacks under in preparation for our house raising.

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